Friday, March 27, 2009

The Salad Shop is situated at 25 Haji Lane. A lifestyle fashion and home accessories shop catering to all those who believe in living a simple, crisp and probably a little different life.

We use tons of white from the fa├žade to the interiors, all with the purpose of making our products the focal point for our customers to be inspired. The fact that black items are prominent against white, white items against white background do give an intriguing silhouette of clean lines from our carefully arranged lighting.

Occasionally, we’ll introduce items of a new color scheme that will easily harmonize with black and white, to refresh or even inspire customers.

Apart from what is common in the market, Salad approach is to carefully select home wares of basic colors to compliment or even inspire customers’ with ideas for their home. With a lifestyle concept, Salad does not just restrict our uncanny ability to select home products, but also fashion accessories, which is equally important on a daily basis for the sensitive individual.

We limit our products. Out of which if the items are sold out, we will unlikely repeat our orders, thus making all our items highly limited and unique.